International Certificate of Competence


Short and sweet the answer to this is an ICC. This is an international standard that proves  the ability to navigate recreational boats. Hence its name “International Certificate of Competency”.

We at SailOn offer all the tests, both practical and theoretical that approves your application for an ICC within a few weeks.


What is the ICC

Norway has joined an international system that sets the international standards for the recreational boating licence. This system and standard makes it easier to document knowledge and capability to navigate the ocean and is recognized in the following states.

Østerrike, Hviterussland, Bulgaria, Kroatia, Tsjekkia, Finland, Tyskland, Norge, Ungarn, Irland, Litauen, Luxemburg, Nederland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Sveits and Storbritannia.

Who is ICC for?

The reason Norway joined the ICC System is because of the increase in norwegians traveling to other european countries and renting boats. Thus Norway joining makes it easier for norwegians to rent boats through their “International Certificate of Competency”.

However the ICC is also great for other europeans currently living in Norway and want to a boating licence that is also valid in their home country.


Theoretical Test

The first of the two tests is the theoretical test, also known as båtførerprøven (boat drivers licence). This is the same test all residents of Norway have to take to legally navigate a boat in norwegian territory.

This test consists of many important aspects of a boat and navigation. Some of these topics are sea rules, learning to read a map, sea signs, safety and a lot more.

Sail On offers this course in english, which you can find here.

The online course consists of all the topics you need to pass the boat drivers licence test. The course also includes practice exams and quizzes.

Practical Test

The second of these two tests is the practical test. In the part of the certification you take everything that you have learned in the theoretical part and show an instructor that you can practically navigate a boat.

Examples of this can be navigating a boat in small areas, anchoring, but also what to do in emergency situations such as a fire or man overboard.

The goal is to show that you know how to navigate safely at sea as well as what to do when plans do go as planned. You can think of the practical test, as the practical test of getting your car drivers licence.

SailOn offers courses and examination for the ICC practical test. You find that here.

Are you going to get an ICC? Here is a check.

  1. Theoretical Test. This is the same as the boat drivers licence test.
  2. Practical Test. Also known as the practical examination of ICC
  3. Health Declaration. You will fill this out on the application form which you can find here.

Du have any questions or need guidance in this process please contact us. We are here to help you get all the qualifications that you need.