Boat Driver's Licence in English


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If you have booked a course with us, and it is cancelled due to the coronavirus, we will offer you the course as an internet course, and we will try to set up an equivalent course later.

We still take bookings, but it is only binding in so far as we run the course you are booked on. If the course is cancelled, you can choose between our internet course, and/or taking the course at a later date, or your money back.


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We now offer the Norwegian Boat Drivers Licence in English. Our instructors are professional sailors and RIB skippers. We teach 300 students to Båtførerprøven every year. We offer you the best experience and knowledge in order for you to get as much as possible out of the course and pass the exam.

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Information about the Boat Driver’s Licence "båtførerpøven"

The Boating Licence "båtførerprøven"
In this course you will learn the theory required to drive a boat up to 15 meters safely. This is also the minimum required to drive or sail a boat up to 15 meters in Norway. Once you have the theory in place, you can add to your skills with practical courses that we run. Mainly our 2 day «Introduction to sailing» courses, that also teaches you good seamanship and boat handling skills, and therefore will add greatly to your knowledge and skills as driver of a boat. If motorboat is your thing, then you can either hire us for private practical driving lessons one on one, or for a group, or register you interest in our powerboat courses which we are working on to launch.

The Boating Licence is also the pre-requisit to take the ICC practical exam. The ICC licence is an international licence established as the standard for boat licence across Europe and the rest of the world. The initiative for this licence is from the UN IMO organisation. If you do the 2 day sailing course, and then go on to do the 5 day ICC Day Skipper course, you have the option to take the ICC licence for both motorboat and sailing boats. If you only want this for motorboats, a must have for any international student who desires to learn the ways of the mariner and the sea.

The course is a  day course. We recomend that  you to prepare in advance of the course as there is a lot of new terminology and concepts to learn.

Our guarantee
SailOn Båtskole has highly qualified teachers and instructor with a long history of teaching boat driving both in the class room and practically at sea. We will always do our best for you be happy with the coursem to succeed and pass the axams, and to be a safe person on the water. If you should not succed with your exam the first time around, we will follow you up and offer you to take part in our next course for free, until you have successfully passed the exam.

If you are not happy with your course, we will offer you your money back.

Who is this course for
This course is for anyone who desires to learn more about boating, and want to take the boat driver’s licence to be able to drive a boat in Norway. The minimum age is 14 years.

Cours time and materials
We have made the course to run for 2 day including the exam. We recomend thatyou read the pre-requisite before coming to the course. You will be tested on this. We are currently working on making this an online course, but for now it will be sent out to you email in advance of the course, so you have a chance to familiarise yourself with the course material.

The course covers the whole syllabus. The exam is at the end of day 2.

Most of the materials you need are included in this course. But it never hurts to read up on the materials using other resources. To do this we recommend the following books in English that more or less covers the course theory. You can purchase most of these books from me.

  • RYA “Day Skipper Shorebased Notes”
  • RYA “An Introduction to Navigation”
  • RYA “ICC Handbook”
  • Tom Cunliffs “The Complete Day Skipper”
  • RYA “Day Skipper Handbook - Motor”

Food and drinks during the course
You need to bring your own packed lunch to the course. You do not have time to drive and buy food in the lunch break, so bring it with you when you come. We provide water, coffee, tea, biscuits and fruit.

The exam contains 50 multiple choice questions, and you need to get a minimum of 40 of the right to pass the exam. In addition, 12 out of these 50 questions are “particularly important” and as such weighted on the exam. That means that you must have at least 10 out of these 12 questions correct to pass the entire exam.

The exam cost is in addition and is NOK 744,- kr. There are two ways to book the exam, and you need to do this in advance:

  1. If you have a Norwegian Insurance Number (person number 11 digits) you register for the exam via båtfø
  2. You let me know that you do not have a Norwegian person number, and I send you an invoice you need to pay before you do the course and exams.

You get the licence within 3-4 weeks of passing the exam.

If you do not pass the exam, you need to waith 14 days and pay NOK 392,- kr to sit the exam again.

Terms and conditions

  • We remain the right to cancel a course that does not have enough people booked on it. You get the option of moving to another date, and if we can’t offer you an alternative time or path to the exams, and if that fails you get your money back.
  • We remain the right to change time, and sometimes the date and location of a course if you need to.
  • Your booking of the course is binding – if you for some reason are unable to attend let us know as soon as possible, and we will see if we can find an alternative time or path.
  • The course must be paid in full before you join the course.